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Community Benefit

The consented Ben Sca Wind Farm and its Extension will generate an annual community benefit fund equivalent to £5,000 for every megawatt of installed capacity on the site.

Based on the currently consented turbines, and assuming a total installed capacity of approximately 38 megawatts, this would mean a community benefit fund with an equivalent annual value of £190,000 or £5.7 million over the anticipated 30-year lifespan of the wind farm.

The project has also committed to offering those living closest to the wind farm (within 4km) the opportunity to reduce their energy bills, either through an annual contribution to their electricity bill or as a lump sum towards home energy efficiency improvements.

Community ownership

In addition to the community benefit fund, we are exploring opportunities for the local community to invest in the project whereby the community would receive up to 5% of the project net profit after tax in return for their investment. in line with the Scottish Government’s Good Practice Principles for Shared Ownership of Onshore Renewable Energy Developments.

You can also find out more about community ownership by visiting: